Installation takes less than a minute, followed by checking for updates of the game


Do not require the Steam Client


          Updates the game to the latest version              


The interface is localized for multiple languages                  


It allows you to fine-tune game


It's Uses original data, available on STEAM

Launcher for

Black Mesa

Automatically checks and updates latest game updates.


Main menu

The main details are presented in one window


Browser servers

Browser server have a comprehensive list of servers, filtered by country, name, map's and slots.


Change nickname and avatar

You can make a choice of avatar, nickname, and a clan tag to your liking


You have questions? You will get answers!
After pressing the "Start" button,program closes and nothing happens?
Start the game as an administrator previously added launcher to the exclusion of a firewall or anti-virus
How to make auto updates on start up?
In the shortcut properties, in the line object parameter add: -forceupdate
Can't change avatar?
You need to choose 64x64 picture size
Can change to the previous version of the game?
You can roll back to a previous version of the game. To do this, select in the "Select Version" line with the word "Client"
Error in data stream
Start the launcher as administrator,during the game update check do not press "cancel" button

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