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7Launcher CS: GO is a game client created for comfortable installation and updating of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as for access to all unique skins and hidden features of the game.
Our goal is to create the most flexible, simple and useful program.

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Game description



Installing the Launcher takes less than a minute, and then immediately starts checking the game for possible updates.


The game is always updated to the most current, latest version, providing information about the list of changes.


Allows you to carefully customize a wide variety of settings to suit your individual playstyle.


The program interface is localized and adapted to use different languages supported by the game.


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Main interface
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System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (32-x or 64-x bit systems)

CPU: Dual-core processor with a clock speed of 2.8 GHz


Video card: GeForce 9600GT, Radeon 3600 or better

Free space: 32 GB

Downloaded: 5722345 times

Latest version:

About this game

CS: GO is a tactical FPS shooter, the main theme of which is the confrontation between two sides. The opposing sides are terrorists and anti-terrorist forces from different countries. In the course of one match they play several dozens of rounds to find out which side will win.

At the moment Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the last game in the franchise, and it has been successfully on the market for a little more than 6 years. If you have yet to familiarize yourself with this game, but you want to try it without any monetary investment, it is enough to download CS:GO Launcher.

Despite its simplicity, the game can give a lot of impressions to players who like action games due to the fact that players have to behave quite actively throughout the match. To get a decent rank you need to be able to not only shoot well and have a good reaction, but also correctly implement the techniques of throwing grenades, put a bomb or cover the possible place of its installation.

The tactics of the game differ depending on the chosen side of the conflict:

  • Playing for terrorists requires choosing a suitable offensive path, distracting the opponents, making your way to the place where the bomb is placed, then finish off the remnants of the enemy team or successfully set the charge.
  • Playing for special forces can not be allowed to install the bomb on most maps. In some modifications there are conditions where anti-terrorist forces will need to get behind enemy lines to pick up a hostage and escort him to his spawn.

The history of the most popular today’s game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive starts with the official announcement, which took place on August 12, 2011. The developer of the latest version of the Counter-Strike game series is still Valve.

The developer’s management promised to preserve the original gameplay from the Counter-Strike 1.6 version, the classic set of maps, while adding a completely new multiplayer territories. Also in the announcement were presented online record tables with auto-matching of players for the match. As a preliminary release date of the updated shooter was set for the beginning of 2012. The game was planned to be released on most gaming platforms.

Then many sites suggested that the game CS:GO will use the Source engine, but there was no direct information about it in the announcement. In addition, some very large portals published a certain trailer of the game, which turned out to be an amateur cut of footage from Counter-Strike Online.


cs go istoriya nachala

Later after the first announcement, the news was posted that the developer Valve invited the best pro-players for the beta testing procedure. They were allowed to download CS GO to immerse themselves in the gameplay and identify possible bugs and errors. One of them described the new game as “extremely gorgeous”. He also confirmed the information that the project uses the latest version of the Soars engine. The tester expressed the opinion that the game demonstrated at the beta-testing was quite a working version, and looked much better than many projects already completed by that time.

Now this game is preferred by tens of thousands of active players in different parts of the world. Moreover, many play through specialized launchers that make the gameplay much easier.

One of the world famous and popular shooters of our time is CS: GO. This project is known to many gamers around the world and is still very popular, all over the world, but there is one “but” – the game is conditionally free. You can download or buy the game officially, using the Steam distribution service, but there is an option to try it without paying a penny. Free download CS: GO via torrent with all skins you can on our site, and it will be a fully working game with the ability to matchmaking in real time with other players.

CS:GO Free edition

The collection is a Launcher based on the official build of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. In the game is available all existing content: updated maps, skins, weapons. All you need is to download the CS GO Launcher and run it on your computer. After downloading the files, the latest available version of the game will be available for use on your computer.

Want to try out free CS: GO? All that remains is to download it and run it. What are the features of the Launcher, with the help of which all this is possible?

  • Installation of the game is automatic, you only need to specify the folder where the files will be placed. Updating to the current version is done automatically.
  • The files from the original game are used for the Launcher. The update is made at the same moment, as a new patch for the original is released.
  • Files are downloaded from Steam servers, which provides minimal time spent on downloading and updating the game.
  • Free CS:GO includes all cosmetics available in the game, including gloves, knives, unique weapon skins, music cases, gloves, graffiti and more.
  • No Steam client or profile is needed to run.
  • Multiplayer with a selection of ranked games works. At the same time you can freely play on any Non-Steam servers.
  • You can change nickname, clan tag, avatar using the tools of Launcher.
  • There is a unique opportunity to change rank and rank through the Launcher.

What do I need to do to be able to play through the Launcher?

The game is launched through the Launcher, so all you need to do is download the installer file. You don’t need to do anything else, there is no need for registration or other manipulations, just wait until the game is installed and updated to the current version, after which you can get to the servers of CS:GO.