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Update CS: GO from 01-21-2021 (version

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Changelog: POSIX Updated to the latest version of SDL library for Linux and OSX. Retakes Improved loadout cards assignment logic. Fixed a crash when players change teams during freeze time. Enemy loadout card no longer provides enemy pistol. Fixed a rare case when an extra C4 could spawn. Misc Adding…
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Update CS: GO from 12-18-2020 (version

Changelog: Operation Broken Fang Adjusted first person arm models for Operation Broken Fang agents. Adjusted end of match animations for Operation Broken Fang master agents. Fixed a bug that could allow extra stars to be earned from missions. Going forward players will be correctly limited to receiving the total number…
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Update CS: GO from 12-08-2020 (version

Changelog: Misc Fixed a crash related to pinging rotating car model in Engage. Fixed Operation Shop buttons to appear correctly on OSX and Linux. Fixed a rare bug when several Broken Fang Premier game settings could get applied in regular Competitive matches. Added background movie fallbacks. Maps Guard Blocked off…
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Update CS: GO from 12-04-2020 (version

Changelog: Operation Broken Fang Introducing Operation Broken Fang, featuring new game modes like Broken Fang Premier and Retakes, stats page, agents, weapon collections, missions, maps, and more! Gameplay Added Broken Fang Premier Mode. Added Retakes game mode. Added dynamic ping system to more game modes. Added new customizable chat wheel…
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Update CS: GO from 10-16-2020 (version

Changelog: Filtragem de Texto A Filtragem de Texto agora faz uso do Steam Text – Chat Filtering. Reprodução de demonstração Adicionada uma nova configuração “demo_index” – quando ativada, a reprodução de arquivos de demonstração criará linhas de base de quadro completo para melhorar o desempenho de busca para frente e…
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Update CS: GO from 09-09-2020 (version

Changelog: Maps Anubis Moved the spawnpoints slightly apart from each other for better movement Fixed various bugs containing invisible prop faces, gun falling trough props, floating props, invisible brush faces, props z-fighting Added grenade clips to the trims on short A for smoothing bouncing Fixed some small nitpicking stuff on…
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Update CS: GO from 08-27-2020 (version

Changelog: Misc Fixed a rare case where coach camera could remain in free roaming mode. Fixed net_dumpeventstats command to be cheat-protected. Maps Swamp Improved performance New radar Raised the bottom of the water for better readability of players behind boats Fixed invisible water splashes Ambience sounds is quieter To make…
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