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Update CS: GO from 1-26-2023 (version

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Changelog: Maps Anubis Trimmed Ivy at B long. Reduced size of trim at B Long. Ruins are slightly less ruined. Adjusted clipping at Ruins and B long. Adjusted shape of Boat in Canal. Lowered the water grates at the back of Canal. Adjusted grenade clipping around bombsites. Minor optimizations. Ember…
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Update CS: GO from 9-8-2022 (version

Changelog: Misc Improved Steam Input support for mouse and keyboard input on Steam Deck. Improved game startup I/O to reduce game launch time. Improved user interface flow when cycling through weapon case items in Agent View (thanks, @AquaIsMissing and @_ale_cs). Fixed an incorrect inventory limit warning shown to users with…
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Update CS: GO from 8-24-2022 (version

Changelog: Music Kits Added the Initiators Music Kit Box and the StatTrak™ Initiators Music Kit Box, featuring 6 new music kits: 3kliksphilip, Heading for the Source Humanity’s Last Breath, Void Juelz, Shooters Knock2, dashstar* Meechy Darko, Gothic Luxury Sullivan King, Lock Me Up Misc Added a message on the main…
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Update CS: GO from 8-17-2022 (version

Changelog: 10 Year Birthday CS:GO is celebrating its 10th birthday with: The 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule Maps (see below) The 10 Year Birthday Coin Get your Birthday Coin by earning enough XP for your first in-game drop of the week. Misc Added an “Inspect Items” option to browse contents…
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Update CS: GO from 5-24-2022 (version

Changelog: Major Antwerp 2022 Antwerp 2022 Champions Autograph Capsules are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the participating players and organizations. Misc Various Steam Input improvements. FlickStick tweaks – turning is dampened when joystick is returning to the deadzone. Fixes for silencer equip/unequip. Added Acceleration and…
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Update CS: GO from 4-26-2022 (version

Changelog: Misc Miscellaneous improvements to better support Steam Input (Glyph Fixes). Buy Menu can be more easily navigated with Controller. Uses a two-stage radial system. Initial deflection selects category. Sweeping motion selects item in category. Deadzone to exit category. Release the Buy Menu button to buy hovered item, or Right…
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Update CS: GO from 3-15-2022 (version

Changelog: Maps Crete Lowered window through site. Blocked one of the windows at top of mid. Raised planks on dropdown route. Fixed various bomb stuck spots and pixel boosts. New sun angle. Iris Reduced window height on Heaven B-site. The glass window in the office is smaller. Moved chairs that…
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Update CS: GO from 2-18-2022 (version

Changelog: Steam Input / Controller Note to controller users: Please be sure to re-apply default settings from the Controller Configuration menu in the Steam Overlay. Various default binding changes for controllers only. Quick Buy radial menus are triggered with the D-Pad and Bumper Buttons while the BuyZoneLayer is active. Simplified…
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Update CS: GO from 2-2-2022 (version

Changelog: Gameplay In Short Competitive Matches, increased the initial round loss streak to 2 to reduce the economic impact of pistol rounds. Store Added The Boardroom Sticker Capsule, now available for purchase in-game. Misc Fixed a player spawn bug in competitive mode. cl_showpos is now cheat protected (thanks Spunj!). Steam…
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