Update 7Launcher version 1.3.2 for CS:GO

Introducing 7Launcher CS GO v 1.3.2

Hello to every User of our Launcher!
More than a month ago, we released the 7Launcher version 1.3. Many have encountered errors and left feedback. Based on them, we examined the identified errors, fixed everything and presented a new version. More detailed list is provided below. We are glad to read your feedback and suggestions, so write to us more often about what you would like to change exactly, that’s why 7Launcher can be even more convenient to use.

List of changes:

  • NEW: Added download process indication via SteamCMD.
  • NEW: All SteamCMD statuses have been translated into all languages supported by the Launcher.
  • NEW: The interface has been updated. Replaced fonts in the status bar of the download. Changed the progress bar size and the distance between the elements of the interface.
  • IMPROVED: Changes in the launch of SteamCMD. Added a relative folder for systems with long command line problems and pchar for line and parameters.
  • IMPROVED: Increased Launcher stability.