Update CS: GO from 02-04-2020 (version



  • Improved bot decision trees including support for Ballistic Shield;
  • Game language can now be controlled in the game properties Language tab;
  • Added support for Greek, Español-Latinoamérica, and Vietnamese languages;
  • Fixed vote UI to display uppercase map names;
  • Fixed several unlocalized UI strings.


  • Jungle:
    • Reworked radio tower (only two first floors are accesable now);
    • Added some new buildings near “beta”, “APC”, “radio tower”, “Charlie”;
    • Improved clipping across the map;
    • More covers props have been added in some places, to make map less open;
    • Added more loot crates;
    • Updated map overview;
    • Fixed many community bug reports;
    • Reduced grass size;
    • Reduced fog density;
    • Changed lighting in some areas.

That’s all. We are waiting for new updates. See you all soon!