Update CS: GO from 03-20-2019 (version



  • Added a scoreboard element to indicate loss bonus for each team in Competitive and Wingman game modes.
  • Zeus-x27 will no longer be able to kill people through walls.

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed an issue causing black screen for users with integrated Intel GPU running with -d3d9ex launch option.
  • Improved matchmaking times for Danger Zone.
  • The recent teammates tab will now list your Danger Zone squad teammate even before the ongoing Danger Zone match is finished, so if you had a good game you can invite them to your party to play again.
  • Added missing “The” to “The Emperor”

[ MAPS ]

  • Vertigo has been added to Competitive matchmaking.
  • Cobblestone has been removed from Competitive matchmaking.
  • Overpass and Nuke have been moved into Defusal Group Delta.
  • Cobblestone and Vertigo have been moved into Defusal Group Sigma.


  • Changed CT entrance to mid, so that CTs have a safer rotation between sites.
  • Moved forward plywood stack and wooden crate near T side of mid to make T boosts slightly safer.
  • Smoothed out player collision on metal stairs in T spawn and B site.
  • Updated soundscapes.
  • Moved generator in T spawn up to second floor.
  • Made it slightly easier to throw grenades out of ceiling in T corridor to mid.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes.