Update CS: GO from 04-17-2020 (version



  • Added one-on-one warmup arenas when playing Wingman mode on Vertigo and Train
  • Added a new weapon parameter “inaccuracy jump apex”, set to 331.55 for the Deagle


  • Added ability to see crosshairs of observed players
  • Added ability to copy crosshairs of other players (through the scoreboard).
  • Added ability to listen to music kit MVP anthem when inspecting music kits.


  • Added the Masterminds Music Kit Box, available in regular and StatTrak™ variants, featuring 7 new music kits:
    • Austin Wintory, Bachram
    • Daniel Sadowski, Eye of the Dragon
    • Dren, Gunman Taco Truck
    • Matt Levine, Drifter
    • Sam Marshall, Bodacious
    • Tim Huling, Neo Noir
    • Tree Adams and Ben Bromfield, M.U.D.D. FORCE


  • Fixed agents sometimes not holding weapons on the end of match screens
  • Fixed agents in Perfect World version sometimes vocalizing English radio commands
  • The Events tab of the Watch menu will now also present online competitions


  • Anubis
    • Fixed the prop draw distance at canal in front of A
    • Increased the bomb explosion radius from 400 to 450
    • Improved readability at A main and middle
    • Several clipping fixes
    • Fixed some missing prop faces
    • Improved navigation so bots now know how to drop down areas
    • Moved the spawn icons on the radar to the right coordinates
    • Fixed nav file issue
  • Chlorine
    • Visual rework of base textures to help visibility
    • Made B bombsite lights brighter
    • Removed floating displacement near CT spawn
  • Jungle
    • Added more loot crates in few regions of a map
    • Fixed some community bug reports (including flying ladder)
    • Updated minimap tablet texture
    • Added one extra house near Radio Tower region
    • Reworked wooden fences prop (removed holes)
    • Fixed collision mesh of solar battery model
  • Vertigo
    • Brightened i-beam textures
    • Replaced wooden fence on A site with metal version, decreasing wallbang damage
    • Bombsite B:
      • Lowered height of site by 32 units
      • Tightened exit from T stairs
      • Removed “window” entrance from mid, replaced with a raised entrance near CT spawn
      • Flipped railings on stairs to site, to allow jump up from sandbag position
      • Reworked site layout and cover
      • Moved connector from B halls that went under mid, to further towards T spawn
      • Enabled B site in Wingman mode
      • Experiment: In Wingman mode, during Warmup, players will spawn in an 1v1 arena
  • Train
    • Moved pigeons that sometimes spawned near Ivy, no longer visible from CT side of ivy
    • Fixed not being able to walk off top of ladder on oil train, B site
    • Brightened scaffolding by oil train
    • New collision model on dumpsters found around the map
    • Experiment: In Wingman mode, during Warmup, players will spawn in an 1v1 arena

That’s all. We are waiting for new updates. See you all soon!