Update CS: GO from 05-08-2019 (version



  • Unlocked Ballistic Shield, Firebombs, and C4 as deployment perks.

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed SVG files to load with consistent dimensions in different resolutions.
  • Fixed a minor regression caused by molotov bouncing off sky surfaces.
  • Fixed several exploits.

[ MAPS ]


  • Fixed spot where players could get hung up on train near A main.
  • Fixed ladder on train closest to lower B entrance not being shift-walkable.
  • Fixed some minor gaps in train cars.


  • Added info_paradrop_denial entities to prevent paradrops from landing on top of the Kasbah towers.
  • Fixed wall in Kasbah where bump mines fell through.
  • Fixed hole in world at the bottom of the stepwell.
  • Covered up a missing texture with roof edge models in the Kasbah.
  • Added additional detail to some roof areas.

That’s all. We are waiting for new updates. See you all soon!