Update CS: GO from 12-08-2020 (version



  • Fixed a crash related to pinging rotating car model in Engage.
  • Fixed Operation Shop buttons to appear correctly on OSX and Linux.
  • Fixed a rare bug when several Broken Fang Premier game settings could get applied in regular Competitive matches.
  • Added background movie fallbacks.


  • Guard
    • Blocked off construction corner.
    • Added new cover for players entering the site from connector.
    • Pulled drop a little closer to site.
    • Shifted all covers on site to adjust angles towards bridge and archway.
    • Slightly shifted connector between back alley and site.
    • Partially restricted sightline between connector and pit.
    • Decreased depth of restaurant corner.
    • Decreased depth of VOOLT corner.
    • Mitigated head peek close at stairs tunnel.
    • Slightly mitigated head peek behind dumpster.
    • Added minor visual details.
    • Various texture updates.
    • Dehexagonized beer bottles.
    • Removed collision on window planters (Thanks Bubza101).
    • Fixed missing faces on beer crates.
    • Fixed a pixel gap on street (Thanks u/iBearably).
    • Fixed grammatical errors on street signs (Thanks Sysel).

That’s all. We are waiting for new updates. See you all soon!