Update CS: GO from 12-14-2018 (version


[ UI ]

  • Fixed scoreboard sometimes not populating correctly.


  • Reduced waiting for players time in warm-up.
  • Improved matchmaking times for Danger Zone.
  • Added a new sound cue when explosives on the safe detonate.
  • Lowered volume of selected rappel destination sound and rappel helicopter.
  • Fixed an incorrect parachute sound playing during warm-up.
  • Several fixes for client-side behavior of Frag Grenades and Fire Bombs.

[ MAPS ]


  • Fixed see-through model near picnic area.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in tree in town.
  • Smoothed out underwater displacements to fix players getting stuck.
  • Fixed floating item spawn point near outlet.

[ MISC ]

  • Updated Alpha on UMP-45 Momentum.