Update CS: GO from 12-14-2019 (version



  • 3rd Commando Company, ‘Two Times’ McCoy, and Seal Team 6 Soldier have been updated to improve visibility. These previously mid-tone agents have been darkened, and contrast has been increased in their head and shoulders.


  • Accolade weighting has been adjusted for non-Competitive modes.
  • Added nametag preview on the model to match the rendering rules.
  • Fixed items inside storage units sometimes showing up as unacknowledged.
  • Fixed overview map from crashing when drawing too many line segments.


  • Overpass:
    • Pruned some shrubbery.
  • Mirage:
    • Removed pixel-gaps on boxes in bombsite A.

That’s all. We are waiting for new updates. See you all soon!