Update CS: GO from 04-03-2019 (version


[ MISC ]

  • Fixed line of sight traces for weapon pickup rules to ignore debris.
  • Fixed several HUD elements to respect cl_drawhud and cl_draw_only_deathnotices settings.

[ MAPS ]


  • Replaced red fence section at top of A ramp (Thanks SPUNJ!)
  • Fixed pixel gaps on bombsite boxes
  • Raised floor of B stairs pit by 64 units
  • Reduced wallbang damage from CT elevator room towards T entrance to mid
  • Increased height of crane concrete base on A site
  • Improved visibility from B site towards T stairs
  • Added cover on right side when exiting stairs to B/exiting window
  • Fixed pixel gap from T spawn towards B catwalk
  • Fixed slight gaps between tarp sections on scaffolding
  • Fixed unintended boost on scaffolding at A ramp
  • Blocked weapons from being dropped underneath A ramp
  • Blocked weapons from being dropped underneath A site crane
  • Blocked players from going on the outside of ibeams in T spawn
  • Simplified collision on top of scaffolding models
  • Fixed various clipping bugs (thanks bonna97!)


  • Fixed C4 stuck spot outside near silo


  • Removed gate model on B bombsite
  • Added fence on B long once again
  • Removed wheelbarrow on B long
  • Opened up a skybox to B bombsite allowing grenades being thrown from upper CT spawn as well as middle
  • Rotated crates on B bombsite
  • Moved big crate on B bombsite
  • Added tree for cover on B long
  • Extended wooden building on B
  • Improved clipping
  • Updated radar image
  • Replaced tarp with a model